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The latest version of Fire Station is

*** Last Updated 11-06-2018 ***

* Fire Station – Added ISO Rank (Officer, Driver, Firefighter) to ranks
* Fire Station – Added setting on My Stations tab to designate a station as default
* Fire Station – Added Carrier to personnel settings next to Mobile Phone to make adding text messages in Admin, Notifications tab easier
* Fire Station – Fixed finding lat/long via Google Maps

* Apparatus Checks – Added items like Mileage, Engine Hours, etc. to top of printed apparatus check list
* Apparatus Checks – When entering an apparatus check, if an item has a photo associated with it, it will display

* Hoses – Fixed bug when adding multiple hoses, the Manufacture Date and Purchase Date would be filled in

* Hydrants – Changed GPM to Rate of Discharge and calculating Hydrant Flow @ 20 psi

* Incident Reporting – Added FDID lookup in Enter New NFIRS Call in section D – Aid Given or Received
* Incident Reporting – Fixed bug where editing a NFIRS call would cause an error if the Arson tab was visible, but the Fire tab wasn’t
* Incident Reporting – Fixed displaying Story of Fire Origin as negative if Below Grade was checked in Edit Entered Calls
* Incident Reporting – When adding new non-emergency event, quick call, or NFIRS call, default station is selected
* Incident Reporting – Added ISO Fire Alarm Report to help fill out ISO PreSurvey
* Incident Reporting – Added Invoice Address in Admin, Manage Settings, Incident Reporting tab to appear as the return address on invoices
* Incident Reporting – Fixed bug in Personnel, Reports, Activity report that wouldn’t show calls for inactive firefighter
* Incident Reporting – Fixed bug in NFIRS 5.0 report that was sending -1 as total acres burned when Less than one acre was checked
* Incident Reporting – Enhanced the Man Hours report to have more accurate table headers based on the call types chosen

* Training – Added totals to training types on ISO Training Report among other enhancements to the report
* Training – Added option to output hours or number of events in Year Summary report
* Training – When adding new training event, default station is selected

Download the latest version here:


Fire Station Version

How do I install the update?


Fire Station Update Installation Guide

Fire Station User Guide
* Last updated 11-06-2018


Fire Station User Guide

I am getting an error that a column is missing.  How can I fix this?
Go to Admin, About and click inside the box where your department name, expiration date, and licensed modules are listed.  Then, press F10 on your keyboard.  Click the buttons that appear at the top of the About box one time each going from left to right.  Click OK to close the About box.

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