11-23-2019 Fire Station Released Today!

Head over to the Support page for full details.

09-06-2019 New ID Card Format

With version, you can print out new ID cards from Personnel, Reports.  You can print in portrait or landscape and have a 1D barcode or QR code.  Check out the example below.


04-26-2019 Oakwood Volunteer Fire Department

Congratulations to Oakwood Volunteer Fire Department in Oakwood, VA.  They referred two fire departments in the past year that purchased Fire Station.  Their annual maintenance invoice had a zero balance!

Thank you to all of our customers who have good things to say about us to other fire departments!

04-02-2019 New update coming soon!

We will be rolling out a new update ( that supports MySQL 8.0 and a few other enhancements. This update is MANDATORY for all of our Cloud Database Hosting customers as we will be switching over to new database servers in the coming weeks. So, if you get the notification that a new update is available, click Yes.

02-27-2019 FSS has signed our 700th customer!

Fire Station Software has just signed its 700th customer.  We would like to thank all of our customers who keep using our RMS system year after year.  We love hearing from you and all of your ideas to keep improving the software.  If you like Fire Station, tell your neighboring departments and get 1/2 off of your annual maintenance when they sign up.

02-27-2019 A few of the new features in our next version:

Edit Streets and Cities to correct spelling and capitalization errors without editing the incident

Edit Streets and Cities

Search for frequent flier EMS patients that you have already entered to prefill EMS fields

Frequent Flier Search

01-21-2019 FSS YouTube channel is live!

Fire Station Software has just launched our new YouTube channel.

Find it here:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNmzsw_KhMQJ7E-_66lEY0w

The channel features videos about the more common support issues, how to, and pro tips about everything from setting up an apparatus to doing a manual update to the latest version.

Check it out and subscribe!


06-29-2018 Trouble with Automatic Updates

The change to Fire Station to automatically update itself has been mostly positive with a few glitches here and there.  This week we've ran into another issue where the program will pop up a "Could not find https://www.firestationsoftware.com/Update/Update.xml on webserver" message.  A new version has been released to correct this, but since you can't get to Update.xml, you will have to download and install this version manually.

Get it here:  https://www.firestationsoftware.com/FSS_Version_4.4.0.9.zip

02-03-2018 Fire Station Now Automatically Updates Itself!

Did you know that you can download the most current software update right from our website? Yes, you can! Visit the Support page of our website at https://www.firestationsoftware.com/support/.

Also, what we are MOST excited about is that the newest version, Fire Station Software 4.3.1, now includes the capability to AUTOMATICALLY check for updates, downloads, and install them!

01-16-2018 Today is the last day to upgrade to Windows 10 for free

Unless Microsoft decides to extend the deadline again, today is the last day to upgrade to Windows 10 for free using the assistive technologies loophole. January 9th Microsoft ended mainstream support for Windows 8.1, and moving it to "extended support" meaning it will get only security updates for the next 5 years. Essentially, Windows 8.1 is dead.


Harbor Rural Fire Protection District, Harbor, OR
Turkey Heaven Volunteer Fire Department, Heflin, AL
Sidney Fire Department, Sidney, NE
Elmore City Fire Department, Elmore City, OK
Eucha Volunteer Fire Department, Eucha, OK
Fairview Volunteer Fire Department, Fairview AB
Tesoro Dickinson Refinery, Dickinson, ND
Kimball Volunteer Fire Department, Welch, WV
Southwest Camden County Fire Protection District, Macks Creek, MO
Nunda Volunteer Fire Department, Nunda, NY
Mounds Fire Department, Mounds OK
Crofton Volunteer Fire Department, Crofton, NE
Coaling Fire Protection District, Coaling, AL
Exxon Mobile, The Woodlands, TX
West City Fire Rescue, Benton, IL
Royalton Volunteer Fire Department, Royalton, IL
Newalla Fire Department, Newalla, OK
Laurel County Fire Department, London, KY
Spelter Volunteer Fire Department, Spelter, WV
Carthage Fire Department, Carthage, TX
Silverton San Juan Fire and Rescue Authority, Silverton, CO
Keys Fire Department, Park Hill, OK
Racine Fire Department, Racine, WV
Washington Parish District #4, Franklinton, LA
Limestone Volunteer Fire Department, Limestone, TN
Brindle Ridge Volunteer Fire Department, Mt. Vernon, KY
Okeene Fire Department, Okeene, OK
Thompson Fire & Emergency Services, Thompson, MB
Scott Fire Protection District, Scott, AR
Ruidoso Downs Fire Department, Ruidoso Downs, NM
Town of Vance Fire Department, Vance, AL
Liverpool Fire Department, Liverpool, NS
Woodbine Fire & Rescue, Woodbine, KY
Lake Timberline Volunteer Fire Department, Bonne Terre, MO
Bellaire Fire Department, Bellaire, OH
Thach Volunteer Fire Department, Jasper, AL
Paris Landing Community Fire Department, Buchanan, TN
Pines Fire Department, Town of Pines, IN
Unalaska Fire Department, Unalaska, AK
Pleasant Plains Township Fire Department, Baldwin, MI
Ross Van Ness Fire & Rescue, Eudora, AR
Cactus Fire Department, Cactus, TX
Point O' Woods Fire Company, Point O' Woods, NY
Marydel Volunteer Fire Company, Marydel, DE
Logan County Volunteer Fire Department, Man, WV

01-09-2018  Auto Incident Numbering

If you are using our auto incident numbering setting (available in version 4.3.1), then you will probably notice that the first call for 2018 had the next number from 2017.  To fix this, just enter 1800001 as the incident number for the first call of 2018 and the next incident will have the correct 1800002 as the incident number.  This will happen automatically in the next version so you don't have to do this in 2019.

01-03-2018  Nebraska LB 886 Tax Credit

Happy New Year!

If you live in Nebraska and have used Fire Station to track your points, here is a link to the Nebraska State Volunteer Firefighters Association's form for reporting the points earned by your department's members for the year.

Annual Certification Form

Use this form to report your members' points to get the tax credit specified in LB886.

If you are not using Fire Station to track these points, give us a call and we will show you how easy it is to enter the data and to run the report at the end of the year.

Review our guide for setting up LB886 in Fire Station here.


12-28-2017  Conversation with Dr. Denis Onieal

I just got off the phone with Dr. Denis Onieal the Deputy United States Fire Administrator from the US Fire Administration.  He has been talking with NFIRS certified vendors about the need for more accurate reporting at every level of the fire service.  He will be pushing all fire departments to step up their game when it comes to providing the most accurate information when documenting calls.  He also said I could quote him when he said that the NFIRS reporting system is not changing!

We all know that providing good documentation will help us in the long run on both the local and national levels.  Fire Station Software is dedicated to providing an easy to use software program to help with that.

If you have any suggestions on making data entry easier with Fire Station or would like some help getting started, let us know.  We would be glad to help.

11-26-2017 Fixed mapping errors

After fighting with our old website host and switching to a new one, we have finally fixed the mapping errors that have been showing up.  In some cases, hydrant icons weren't showing on the hydrant map and in others, you were getting a "Your browser is not supported" error.  This has been addressed by when you click on a mapping function (hydrant map, preplanning location map, etc.) you no longer get a window in the Fire Station program, but a new tab in your default browser.

08-01-2017 Fire Station version 4.3.1 is now available

08-05-2017 Update:  There was an issue with the initial release.  There was a bug that prevented you from adding new SCBAs.  Please go to the Support page and download the update again.

* Fire Station – You can now add multiple files at a time to all modules, incidents, and training events
* Fire Station – You can now setup custom personnel questions in Manage Custom Questions
* Fire Station – Files attached to firefighters are now organized by station and department ID subfolders
* Fire Station – You can now assign Can Only View Incidents in AdminManage Permissions
* Fire Station – Splash screen now shows information like last call entered, # of calls for the year, and any apparatus out of service
* Fire Station – Hover over any icon on the splash screen to get statistics about any module, for example, hover over Apparatus Checks, and see when the last apparatus check was completed
* Fire Station – Added Show last X days of Daily Logs to control and speed up how many daily logs are displayed, now loads 986% faster!
* Fire Station – Added Radio ID to personnel
* Fire Station – Added checkboxes to Personnel report to include Dept IDRadio IDRankEmailAddressPhone, and DL # when running it for all personnel
* Fire Station – Added checkboxes to Personnel report to Hide Private InformationInclude CertificationsInclude ImmunizationsInclude Emergency ContactsInclude Medical PreplansInclude Uniform SizesInclude Background ChecksInclude Personal Inventory, and Include Custom Questions when running it for a single person.

* Apparatus Checks – Apparatus are now grouped by station in Edit Instructions
* Apparatus Checks – You can now view the apparatus instructions and inventory images when entering an apparatus check
* Apparatus Checks – Added Max Vacuum and Nozzle Size to pump tests
* Apparatus Checks – Added Does not go on Calls to apparatus so you can have an “apparatus” that won’t show up when entering incidents
* Apparatus Checks – Added Out of Service to apparatus, will show on splash screen when an apparatus is out of service
* Apparatus Checks – You can now copy the Checklist questions from one apparatus to another in Edit Inventory

* Fire Extinguishers - Added Show last X days of Inspections to control and speed up how many inspections are displayed
* Fire Extinguishers - Added Show extinguishers not inspected from date range in reports

* Fire Inspections – When completing a fire inspection, an email is sent to the owner and rental email addresses

* Hoses – You can now add Uses to hoses and run reports to include hose uses
* Hoses - Added Show last X days of Inspections to control and speed up how many inspections are displayed
* Hoses - Added Show hoses not inspected from date range in reports

* Hydrants – Added blank hydrant inspection report
* Hydrants - Added Show last X days of Inspections to control and speed up how many inspections are displayed
* Hydrants – Added Show hydrants not inspected from date range in reports

* Incident Reporting – You can now turn on Use Auto Incident Numbering in AdminManage SettingsIncident Reporting tab and have your incidents numbered automatically in the form of YY-XXXXX
* Incident Reporting – Added missing 00 Other and 99 Undetermined values to Area of Fire Origin
* Incident Reporting – Added Add to PrePlans button to new NFIRS call and new Quick call to add the address you entered as a new location
* Incident Reporting – Added new Water/Foam Usage report to Incident ReportingReports.  Enable the Other tab in Settings to enter water/foam usage* Incident Reporting – When entering a NFIRS call, Street Or Highway is now required

* Incident Reporting – When adding personnel to an apparatus when entering a NFIRS call, they are removed from the list when you click Add Multiple
* Incident Reporting – You can configure Quick calls to include the Law EnforcementInventory, and Other tab in AdminManage SettingsIncident Reporting tab
* Incident Reporting – You can configure NFIRS calls to include the EMS, Vehicles, and Other tab in AdminManage SettingsIncident Reporting tab
* Incident Reporting – You can now run the LOSAP/LB886 report without selecting a station
* Incident Reporting – You can now export the results of the LOSAP/LB886 report to an Excel spreadsheet
* Incident Reporting – Added search location button on Enter/Edit Quick and NFIRS calls
* Incident Reporting – You now have the option to automatically enter calls and non-emergency events to daily log activities in AdminManage SettingsIncident Reporting tab
* Incident Reporting – New Calls At A Location report
* Incident Reporting – When entering an address in a Quick or NFIRS call, if the address is the same as a location setup in PrePlanning, the location will be selected from the Location list
* Incident Reporting – When running the Call Attendance report, if you select a firefighter, you can check the Stand By Totals check box to get a summary of how many calls the firefighter was assigned to Stand By (you need to have a Stand By apparatus setup)
* Incident Reporting – Added Blank Incident Form report
* Incident Reporting – Added Show last X days of incidents to control and speed up how many incidents are displayed
* Incident Reporting – Add Check All button to Reports to quickly select all your call types when running reports
* Incident Reporting – Added Bay to street types
* Incident Reporting – If you are entering a NFIRS call by starting from a Quick call and an Action is not selected on the Quick call, you are prompted for it
* Incident Reporting – Added automatic Street Type lookup if you have entered the street name and type before and there is only one combination of Street or Highway and Street Type
* Incident Reporting – Increased the narrative size to 16 MB if using our Cloud Database Hosting, 64 K for local Access databases
* Incident Reporting – Single Incident report incident list is now sorted correctly
* Incident Reporting – Fixed bug where you double-click on an action and the incorrect action was selected
* Incident Reporting – When a call has been exported to NFIRS, it now shows in Edit Entered Calls in green, when running the NFIRS 5.0 report, you can select if you want to re-export already exported calls
* Incident Reporting – When entering incidents or non-emergency events a warning now appears if the Alarm/Start date and In Quarters/End date spans more than one day

* Inventory – You can now move an item from Inventory to Ladders, and SCBAs

* Ladders – Added Cost to Ladders and reports
* Ladders - Added Show last X days of Inspections to control and speed up how many inspections are displayed
* Ladders - Added Show ladders not inspected from date range in reports

* PPE – You can now specify your own PPE types
* PPE - Added Show last X days of Inspections to control and speed up how many inspections are displayed
* PPE - Added Show PPE not inspected from date range in reports
* PPE - Added Cost to PPE and reports
* PPE – When a PPE item is updated, the personal inventory of the person it is assigned to is updated as well
* PPE – When a PPE item is updated, the item in Expiration Date Tracking is updated as well

* PrePlanning – Added Custom Questions to preplans
* PrePlanning – Added Rental AddressRental Phone, and Rental Email to Edit Locations/Edit PrePlans
* PrePlanning – Enhanced the Calls At A Location report so you can enter all or part of an address

* Ropes – New module available!  Track all your ropes by type, create custom inspection sheets, track uses, and actions Contact us at 888-809-2673 to order

* SCBAs – Added Cost to SCBAs and reports
* SCBAs - Added Show last X days of Inspections to control and speed up how many inspections are displayed
* SCBAs - Added Show SCBAs not inspected from date range in reports

* Training – Added new NFPA Category when entering training events, you can choose the NFPA Category when running reports
* Training – Added Course Name when entering training events, you can choose the Course Name when running reports
* Training – Added CME Hours when entering training events
* Training – Files attached to training events are now organized in subfolders by station
* Training – You can now delete a Certification Group
* Training – Fixed bug where an apostrophe is in instructor’s name
* Training – You now have the option to automatically enter training events to daily log activities in AdminManage SettingsTraining tab
* Training - Added Show last X days of training events to Edit Entered Events to control and speed up how many inspections are displayed

Newest Fire Station Users - August 2017

Leoma Fire and Rescue - Leoma, TN
Mescalero Apache Fire Department - Mescalero, NM
Topton Volunteer Fire Company - Topton, PA
Alburgh Volunteer Fire Department - Alburgh, VT
Jennings Fire Department - Jennings, OK
Etoile Volunteer Fire Department - Etoile, TX
Pittman Center Volunteer Fire Department - Gatlinburg, TN
West Hamlin Volunteer Fire Department - West Hamlin, WV
Cora Volunteer Fire Department - Logan, WV
Haw Creek  Fire Department - Heavener, OK
Fort Kent Fire and Rescue - Fort Kent, ME
Ludington Fire Department - Ludington, MI
Valley Volunteer Fire Department - Wilmar, AR
Kingsford Union Fire Department - Kingsford Heights, IN
Worthington Fire Department - Worthington, WV
Imperial Volunteer Fire Department - Imperial, NE
Bloomville Fire Department - Bloomville, NY
Lincoln Fire Department - Lincoln, NH
Hindsboro Community Fire Protection District - Hindsboro, IL
Dewey Fire Department - Dewey, OK
Post Mountain Volunteer Fire Department - Hodgen, OK
Shepherds Crossroads Volunteer Fire Department - Roaring River, NC
Fall Branch Volunteer Fire Department - Fall Branch, TN
Buffalo Valley Volunteer Fire Department - Tuskahoma, OK
St. Landry Parish Fire District #1 - Krotz Springs, LA
Travis County Emergency Service District 8 - Spicewood, TX
Diamond Valley Fire Department - St. George, UT
Glasgow Fire Protection District - Glasgow, MO
Caryville Volunteer Fire Department - Caryville, FL
Country Oaks Volunteer Fire Department - Chipley, FL
Five Points Volunteer Fire Department - Bonifay, FL
Hinson's Crossroads Volunteer Fire Department - Caryville, FL
Greenhead Volunteer Fire Department - Chipley, FL
Orange Hill Volunteer Fire Department - Chipley, FL
Sunny Hills Volunteer Fire Department - Sunny Hills, FL
Wausau Volunteer Fire Department - Wausau, FL
Sissonville Volunteer Fire Department - Sissonville, WV
Frenchville Fire Department - Frenchville, ME
Valero Port Arthur Refinery Fire Department - Port Arthur, TX
Van Volunteer Fire Department - Van, WV
Madison Volunteer Fire Department - Madison, WV
Altona Rhineland Emergency Services - Altona, MB
Milltown Whiskey Run Fire Department - Milltown, IN
Schenevus Fire Department - Schenevus, NY
Plattsburg Fire Protection District - Plattsburg, MO
Hartsburg Fire Department - Hartsburg, IL
Leavenworth Fire Department - Leavenworth, IN
Tilden Volunteer Fire Department - Tilden, NE
Diamond Area Fire Protection District - Diamond, MO
Bismarck Fire Department - Bismarck, AR
Irene Volunteer Fire Department - Irene, SD
O'Neill Volunteer Fire Department - O'Neill, NE
Haskell Fire Department - Haskell, OK
Royal Community Volunteer Fire Department - Blountsville, AL
West Knox Volunteer Fire Department - Corbin, KY
Greeneville Fire Department - Greeneville, TN
Scott County Rural Fire Protection District - Blodgett, MO
Walton Volunteer Fire Department - Walton, WV
Waldens Creek Volunteer Fire Department - Sevierville, TN
Raymond Fire & Rescue - Raymond, NE
Washington Parish Fire District #7 - Bogalusa, LA
St. Albans Fire Department - St. Albans, WV
Clover-Roane Volunteer Fire Department - Clover, WV
Mount Clare Volunteer Fire Department - Mount Clare, WV
Washington Parish Fire District #5 - Angie, LA
Sharps Chapel Volunteer Fire Department - Sharps Chapel, TN

06-09-2017 Stop by our table at the NMSFFA Conference

Come see us at Bonita Park.

200 Bonita Park Road Capitan, NM

05-29-2017 Ropes module available with version 4.3.1

Fire Station Software is proud to announce a new module will be available when version 4.3.1 is released this summer.

Ropes will allow you to track all of your rescue, life safety, and utility ropes as well as all of the actions and uses for each rope.

Record your inspections using inspection templates setup for each rope type and run reports where you can specify the inspection date, action, use, etc.

05-16-2017 Nebraska State Fire School

It's that time again!  The 2017 Nebraska State Fire School is May 19th - 21st at Fonner Park in Grand Island, NE.

There are 31 classes in fire investigation, rescue, fire safety, leadership, officer training, fire prevention, and EMS.


05-09-2017 Version 4.3.1 Teaser Screenshot

The Fire Station splash screen will have dashboard information about calls and apparatus as well as tool tips for each module when you hover over the icon.

Version 4.3.1 is targeted for a general release at the end of July 2017.

Other notable enhancements include a new Ropes module, truly automatic incident numbering, and marking when an incident has been exported to NFIRS.

05-09-2017 Stop by our booth at Smoky Mountain Weekend

Smoky Mountain Weekend is at the Gatlinburg Convention Center, 234 Historic Nature Trail, Gatlinburg, TN  37738 on Thursday May 11 through Saturday May 13th.

Stop by our booth to learn more about Fire Station or just to say 'Hello' if you are a current customer.  You'll be glad you did.

03-10-2017 Come visit us at 2017 Dixie Fire School March 10th - 12th

Stop by our booth at the Dixie Fire School at the Elizabethtown Community & Technical College in Elizabethtown, KY.
We are in the RPC Atrium.

01-02-2017 Fire Station supports Nebraska LB 886

When the Volunteer Emergency Responders Incentive Act (LB 886) becomes effective in 2017, it will provide credit towards income tax for Nebraska volunteer firefighters and EMS personnel that qualify as certified for the department they serve.

The qualifications for this can be tracked with the Incident Reporting and Training modules in Fire Station and can be summarized with a report that can be run anytime during the year.

Full documentation is available here.

See our ad in the February 2017 issue of Nebraska Firefighter


01-01-2017 Happy New Year!

Thanks to all of the outstanding fire departments that have supported us in 2016.  You have helped us achieve a record year in adding new departments.

We added a total of 124 new departments in 2016 and many of them were from referrals.

Thank you for talking to your neighboring departments and getting them on board.

12-06-2016 New module suggestions

We are looking for ideas for new modules.  Potential new modules are a Ropes module and a Hoze Nozzle module.

If you have ideas on what types of fields those modules should keep track of, let us know by calling us at 888-808-2673 or emailing us at support@firestationsoftware.com.

As always, if you have feedback on any existing modules, we are welcome to your ideas.  If it makes sense to add it, we'll put it on the list for the next version.

Newest Fire Station Users - November 2016

Callands Fire & Rescue - Callands, VA
Fieldbrook Volunteer Fire Department - McKinleyville, CA
Cloudcroft Fire Department - Cloudcroft, NM
Lily Fire Department - Lily, KY
Killona Volunteer Fire Department - Killona, LA
Rockhouse Volunteer Fire & Rescue - Staffordsville, KY
Gallatin Fire Department - Siloam Springs, AR
Somerville Area Volunteer Emergency Services - Somerville, AL
Greensboro Volunteer Fire Department - Greensboro, AL
Sigel Fire Department - Sigel, IL
Inland Township Fire Department - Interlochen, MI
Niantic Fire Department - Niantic, IL
Melstone Volunteer Fire Department - Melstone, MT
Mire Volunteer Fire Department - Rayne, LA
Heartsease Volunteer Fire Rescue EMS - Tarboro, NC
Eagle Nest Volunteer Fire Department - Eagle Nest, NM
Ebenezer Fire Department - Falkville, AL
Narrows Fire Department - Narrows, VA
Winsor Township Fire Department - Pigeon, MI
Ford River Volunteer Fire Department - Bark River, MI
Flin Flon Fire Department - Flin Flon, MB
Wilderness Ranch Fire Protection District - Boise, ID
City of Zeigler Fire Department - Zeigler, IL
Lumberport Volunteer Fire Department - Lumberport, WV
Merino Volunteer Fire Department - Merino, CO
Gravette Fire Department - Gravette, AR
North Peace Regional Airport - Fort St. John, BC
Headingley Fire Department - Headingley, MB
Sarcoxie Rural Fire Department - Sarcoxie, MO
Hoxie Fire Department - Hoxie, AR
Tom Price Fire & Rescue Service - Tom Price, Western Australia
Southeast Community College - Lincoln, NE
Olympia Volunteer Fire Department - New Bern, NC
Baileyton Volunteer Fire Department - Baileyton, AL
Benton Harbor Deparment of Public Safety - Benton Harbor, MI
Oakman Volunteer Fire Department - Oakman, AL
Summersville Volunteer Fire Department - Summersville, WV
Cainhoy Rural Fire & Rescue - Charleston, SC
Peetz Volunteer Fire Department - Peetz, CO
Pierce Fire Department - Pierce, NE
South Bend Fire Department - Jacksonville, AR
Wichita Mountain Estates Fire Department - Lawton, OK
Mistissini Fire Department - Mistissini, QC
Northwest Fire Protection District - Climax Springs, MO
Elk Grove Thach Volunteer Fire Department - Elkmont, AL
Bulls Gap Fire Department - Bulls Gap, TN
Washington Fire Department - Lempster, NH
Occidental of Oman, Inc. - Muscat, Oman
Bon De Croft Volunteer Fire Department - Sparta, TN
Bridgeport Fire Protection District - Bridgeport, IL
Greenwich Volunteer Fire Department - Greenwich, NY
Winnebago Fire Department - Winnebago, NE
Roanoke Wildwood Volunteer Fire Department - Littleton, NC
Kuhl Hose Company - Erie, PA
Radford Fire and Rescue Department - Radford, VA
Elmore Volunteer Fire Department - Elmore, AL
Fujairah International Airport - Fujaira, UAE
Verdunville Volunteer Fire Department - Verdunville, WV
Oliver Township Fire Department - Elkton, MI
Wapose Emergency Services - Fort McMurray, AB
Grand Island Rural Fire Department - Grand Island, NE
Denmark Fire Department - Denmark, ME

11-18-2016 Fire Station 4.3 Released

Version 4.3

* Fire Station – Added Help link to user guide on main screen
* Fire Station – Added County field on MyFD tab in AdminManageSettings.  County in quick calls is prepopulated with this value
* Fire Station – Added NFIRS Emailaddress setting on Incident Reporting tab
* Fire Station – Moved where Stations,Assignments, etc. are managed inAdminManage Settings fromIncident Reporting tab to new My Stations tab
* Fire Station – Changed theCertifications and Immunizationstabs on Manage Personnel so you can see the firefighter’s name you were editing
* Fire Station – Added SecondaryEmail field to Manage Personnel
* Fire Station – You are now prevented from deleting a firefighter if he/she has any personal inventory assigned to him/her
* Fire Station – You can now setup custom personnel questions inManage Custom Questions
* Fire Station – You can now print more than one Daily Log at a time

* Apparatus Checks – Instructions for apparatus are now stored in the database instead of .RTF files
* Apparatus Checks – Custom apparatus checklist questions can now be ordered
* Apparatus Checks – When an apparatus/equipment problem is reported, the person reporting the problem is now recorded and included in problem emails
* Apparatus Checks – Increased the speed that Pump Service Tests loads when you have lots of them entered
* Apparatus Checks - You can now enter item codes via keyboard or bar code scanner to automatically check items

* Fire Extinguishers – You can now add multiple inspections for a type of fire extinguisher at one time
* Fire Extinguishers - ChangedLocation and Manufacturer to combo boxes with previously entered values

* Hoses - Changed Location andManufacturer to combo boxes with previously entered values

* Incident Reporting – Owner information is now automatically populated in K1/K2 Owner/Person/Entity Involvedsection when a location is chosen and you have the owner information filled out in PrePlanning
* Incident Reporting – City and Zipfields on quick and NFIRS calls have been changed to combo boxes with lists of previously entered cites and zip codes
* Incident Reporting – FDID field onEnter NFIRS Call changed to combo box with previously entered FDID values when Aid Given or Received is “3 Mutual aid given” or “4 Automatic aid given
* Incident Reporting – When running the NFIRS 5.0 report, the new NFIRS Email setting is prepopulated in theEmail field
* Incident Reporting – Added new No Activity NFIRS 5.0 report to send to NFIRS when you have no calls for the month
* Incident Reporting – When adding a call automatically to the Daily Log, if more than one log exists for the day, you will be prompted to choose one
* Incident Reporting – You can now import calls in the NFIRS 5.0 format inEnter New NFIRS Call
* Incident Reporting – Added seconds to call times in NFIRS calls
* Incident Reporting – UpdatedAverage Response Time report to use seconds if entered
* Incident Reporting – AddedPreferred over Personnel rate toCall Types
* Incident Reporting – Added Canadian provinces to state lists inEMS and Vehicles tabs in US version
* Incident Reporting – Added US states to province lists in EMS and Vehiclestabs in Canadian version

* Inventory – Changed Location to combo box with previously entered locations
* Inventory – When copying an inventory item to a firefighter the location is updated with the firefighter’s name if there is only one left in inventory

* Ladders – Location filter now added to Ladder Reports
* Ladders - Changed Location andManufacturer to combo boxes with previously entered values

* PPE – When assigning a PPE item to a different firefighter, the item is removed from the old firefighter and added to the newly assigned one
* PPE – Changed Issued Date format from just month/year to month/day/year
* PPE - Changed Location andManufacturer to combo boxes with previously entered values

* PrePlanning – Added Fuse Box Location and Solar Power fields toUtilities tab

* SCBAs – You can now create your own inspection templates to include your custom checkbox or short answer questions.  You can have different questions for MasksAirPacks, and Air Cylinders.
* SCBAs – Changed Location andManufacturer to combo boxes with previously entered values

* Subscriptions – You can now select a date for when the payment is received

* Training – Fixed bug where training hours were duplicated for firefighters with the same first and last name (but different suffixes) on some reports
* Training - When adding a training event automatically to the Daily Log, if more than one log exists for the day, you will be prompted to choose one
* Training - Added a new ISO Typefield to Training Types
* Training - Added new ISO Training Report
* Training - Added Preferred over Personnel rate to Training Types

Email support@firestationsoftware.com to get the latest version or download it from the Support page.

08-29-2016 New installation at Summersville VFD, WV

Summersville Volunteer Fire Department in Summersville, WV got 4 brand new laptops just so they could keep better records with Fire Station.

Here are the guys working hard to learn the new system, get it set up, and inputting some data.

Summersville VFD is switching from Firehouse software.

08-11-2016 Stop by our booth at the Mardi Gras Casino

The West Virginia State Firemen's Association 88th Annual Convention is going on today, tomorrow and Saturday.  Stop by our booth to find out more about us.

08-04-2016 Fire Station expands user base to Australia

Tom Price Fire & Rescue Service is our newest Fire Station user and the only one in Australia.  Welcome aboard, mate!

Pictured below are some of their members entering data into Fire Station.

Come visit us at FIRE 2016 in Verona, NY!

Stop by our booth at the Fire Industry, Rescue, & EMS Expo in Verona, NY.
We are in the Convention Center (downstairs) in booth 2206.
This is the first time we've been to this particular show and are excited to be at the Turning Stone Resort.

Current customers get a special gift!

Newest Fire Station Users - June 2016

Henlawson Fire Department - Pecks Mill, WV
Arapahoe Fire & Rescue Department - Arapahoe, NE
Fremont Rural Fire Department - Femont, NE
Caton Fire District #1 - Corning, NY
Sheridan Fire Department, Sheridan, MT
Melstone Volunteer Fire Department, Melstone, MT
Spearsville Fire Protection District, Spearsville, LA
Candlewood Fire Department, Brookfield, CT
High Rolls Volunteer Fire Department, High Rolls, NM
Martin Fire Department, Martin, KY
Centertown Volunteer Fire Department, Centertown, KY
Greenwood Fire Department, Greenwood, ME
Southwest Camden County Fire Protection District, Macks Creek, MO
Mohawk Fire Department, Mohawk, NY
New Martinsville Volunteer Fire Department, New Martinsville, WV
Jack Rabbit Flats Volunteer Fire Department, Tularosa, NM
Saragossa Volunteer Fire Department, Nauvoo, AL
Cloudcroft Volunteer Fire Department, Cloudcroft, NM
Port Ludlow Fire Rescue, Port Ludlow, WA
Putnam County Fire Department, Cookeville, TN
Caroll County Volunteer Fire Department, Carrollton, OH
Red Lick Volunteer Fire Department, Berea, KY
Wayne Volunteer Fire Department, Wayne, NE
Vernon Fire Rescue, Vernon, FL

04-10-2016 Fire Station 4.2 Released

Version 4.2

* Apparatus Checks - Fixed bug when editing a maintenance entry where mileage was blank would cause an error

* Fire Extinguishers - New module to keep track of your fire extinguishers and their inspections

* Fire Inspections - Added Reports
* Fire Inspections - Fixed syntax error when entering violations with a remark with an apostrophe

* Hoses - Increased the speed that Hoses loads when you have lots of hoses entered

* Hydrants - Increased the speed that Hydrants loads when you have lots of hydrants entered

* Incident Reporting - You no longer have to fill out the Fire tab if mutual aid was given
* Incident Reporting - You no longer have to fill out the Fire tab if this is a Wildland call
* Incident Reporting - When submitting a NFiRS or quick call, Google Maps is used to get the lat/long if it is not already filled out
* Incident Reporting - Added new Loss Report
* Incident Reporting - Now automatically adds an activity in Daily Logs when you enter an incident
* Incident Reporting - Fixed bug when editing a NFIRS call would allow you to enter more than two Factors Contributing to Ignition

* Inventory - Add Move To PPE button to help you get PPE from Inventory to PPE faster

* Ladders- Increased the speed that Ladders loads when you have lots of ladders entered

* PPE - Increased the speed that PPE loads when you have lots of PPE entered
* PPE - Added Actions as a filter criteria for reports

* SCBAs- Increased the speed that SCBAs loads when you have lots of SCBAs entered

* Subscriptions - Added the ability to delete payments

* Training - Now automatically adds an activity to Daily Logs when you enter a training event

03-31-2016 Fire Station User Guide published!

We are very excited to announce the completion of our first comprehensive user guide for Fire Station.  It goes over all aspects of the program and all modules.  It is an excellent tool if you are just getting used to using the program or a seasoned vet looking for some of the advanced features and pro tips.

Find the link to download it on the Support page.

03-31-2016 Fire Extinguisher module ready!

Add the Fire Extinguisher module to your existing set of licensed modules for only $50.  Contact us at 888-809-2673 or sales@firestationsoftware.com to get your copy.

03-07-2016 Fire Extinguisher module status update

The new Fire Extinguisher module is just about ready.  It works like any other module in Fire Station, and allows you to create your own custom checklist consisting of check boxes and fill in the blank questions for each type of fire extinguisher.

Record the type, class, serial number, manufacturer, end of service date, and more.

01-12-2016 Fire Station 4.1.1 Released

Version 4.1.1

* Fire Station – Added new schedules to Daily Log
* Fire Station – Added Test buttons to Admin, Manage Settings, Database tab, SQL Server and MySQL settings
* Fire Station – Added InActive date to Edit Personnel
* Fire Station – Added the ability to enter Leave of Absences for personnel
* Fire Station – Added a setting for shared files for all modules to save files to a specified folder (like a network share) instead of locally
* Fire Station – Added explicit permission to delete Daily Logs
* Fire Station – You can now access multiple databases

* Apparatus Checks – Custom apparatus check questions now have the option of being required
* Apparatus Checks – When submitting apparatus/equipment problems, emails now go out to everyone subscribed to getting apparatus check problems

* Hoses – Added Inspection Date range to reports

* Hydrants – Added Monitor Hydrants and inspection fields
* Hydrants – Added Google Location Services to find lat/long based on address

* Fire Inspections – Added setting to limit the number of days a Fire Inspection can be viewed
* Fire Inspections – Added Quarterly inspection frequency
* Fire Inspections – Email is now pre-populated when emailing an inspection from View Inspections

* Incident Reporting – You can now enter an email address to send your NFIRS 5.0 Report upon creation
* Incident Reporting – Added Google Location Services to find lat/long based on address
* Incident Reporting – Added EnRoute and Arrival to hospital to Quick Call EMS tab
* Incident Reporting – fixed bug where incorrect Pre Incident values were displayed on the Basic tab
* Incident Reporting – fixed bug where apostrophes in incident narrative would double each time you saved

* Inventory – When editing an item, an email is sent if the quantity is below the Alert Threshold and the Email Group is specified

* PrePlanning - Added Google Location Services to find lat/long based on address
* PrePlanning – You can now change the Location type to blank in Edit Locations
* PrePlanning – Fixed bug where State, Location Type, and Fire Inspection Template drop down boxes were blank in Edit PrePlans, Location tab

* SCBAs – Added new permission to delete SCBAs and their inspections

* Training – Added Instructor Hours report and you can now choose instructor when running the Training Overview or the Training Records reports

07-29-2015 - Windows 10

Fire Station is fully compatible with Windows 10

06-19-2015 - 06-20-2015

Southeastern Association of Fire Chiefs/Alabama Association of Fire Chiefs SEAFC 87th Annual Leadership Conference AAFC Annual Conference in Birmingham, AL

Stop by booth 522A (right by the food court)

We are giving away a trash hook on Saturday.
Sign up to enter and win.

Current customers get a "KEEP TRACK" t-shirt!

06-08-2015 Fire Station 4.1 Released

Version 4.1

* Fire Station – Added Auditing for items in Inventory, Apparatus Inventory, and Personal Inventory.  Audit report is in Personnel, Reports
* Fire Station – You can now edit Personal Inventory items by double-clicking on the row

* Apparatus Checks – Added additional customizable checklist to each apparatus
* Apparatus Checks – Made the hour that the friendly reminder for checks to be done configurable

* Hoses – Integrated with Expiration Date Tracking module to automatically add reminder when at End Of Service

* Incident Reporting – Fixed bug where checking Check if same as incident location for Owner/Person/Entity Involved on NFIRS calls would populate the incorrect information in Street Prefix, Street Type, and Street Suffix
* Incident Reporting – Added Primary and Secondary Insurance to EMS patient forms
* Incident Reporting – Added link to NFIRS calls for your county assessor’s website
* Incident Reporting – Added Legal Description to Quick Calls

* Ladders – Integrated with Expiration Date Tracking module to automatically add reminder when at End Of Service

* PPE – Added a way to add actions like cleaning, repairs, and retirement to PPE items

* PrePlanning – When editing PrePlans, you can now edit the basic location information as well

* SCBAs – Integrated with Expiration Date Tracking module to automatically add reminder when at End Of Service

* Training – Fixed bug where computed hours was wrong after entering start and end times
* Training – Added setting to limit the number of days a training event can be edited

05-07-2015 Fire Station 4.0.1 and 4.0.2 Released

Version 4.0.2

* Fire Station – Aggressive rewrite of database code to prevent timeouts and “fatal errors” when using MySQL

* Apparatus Checks – Added Service Due to new apparatus check 

Version 4.0.1

* Fire Station – Edit apparatus Type, Use, and NFIRS ID in Manage Settings
* Fire Station – You can now edit Daily Log activities
* Fire Station – Fixed bug in applying permission groups

* Incident Reporting – Fixed bug to delete invoice line items in Edit NFIRS Calls
* Incident Reporting – Removed non-emergency call types from list in Enter New NFIRS Call

* Inventory – Now allows items to have the same name

* Ladders – Added Manufacturer and Serial Number to reports
* Ladders – Fixed where pages break in reports so it doesn’t run into the page footer

* PPE – New module for tracking PPE inspections according to NFPA 1851

* Preplanning – When Sort Locations By Name is checked in Admin, Manage Settings, the location and preplan list is displayed by Location Name, otherwise the address is displayed.
* PrePlanning – Fixed bug where owner phone would not display ifAddress is same as location was checked

* Training – Added Training Check In sheet to reports

02-28-2015 Boots and Pants and Boots and Pants...

It's finally ready!  The PPE module is now available.

Send an email tosales@firestationsoftware.com to get it for your department.

02-01-2015 Fire Station 4.0 Released

Version 4.0

* Fire Station – Added new permission for deleting items in apparatus inventory
* Fire Station – Added new permissions for Editing Quick Calls and Non-Emergency Events
* Fire Station – Added easier way to reorder firefighter ranks
* Fire Station – Made editing notification groups and emails way easier
* Fire Station – Added Pager to Edit Personnel
* Fire Station – Updated Daily Logs so that only the last 90 days appear.  Uncheck the “Last 90 days only“ check box to get them all.
* Fire Station – Added the ability to enter a Daily Log activity that spans more than one day

* Apparatus Checks – Add month increment to apparatus check schedule
* Apparatus Checks – Added Engine Hours to checks
* Apparatus Checks – You can now enter decimals n Voltage for Pump Tests

* Expiration Date Tracking – Now sorting by date correctly

* Hydrants – Fixed bug where Hydrant map would cause an error in Windows 8

* Incident Reporting – Updated for January 2015 NFIRS specification changes
* Incident Reporting – Added new setting for the number of days an incident can be edited
* Incident Reporting – Made it easier when selecting Street Type
* Incident Reporting – You can enter Inventory items used in Quick Calls and they are automatically taken out of Inventory and if they go below a configured threshold, an email reminder goes out
* Incident Reporting – Arrival Time is no longer required if incident type is “611 – Cancelled EnRoute” on Quick calls
* Incident Reporting – Added round to half hour for call pay rates
* Incident Reporting – Fixed bug where hours were set to 0 when editing a NFIRS call
* Incident Reporting – Added Foam Used on Other tab
* Incident Reporting – Combined LOSAP reports from Incident Reporting and Training
* Incident Reporting – Fixed bug in Enter Non-Emergency Event where long list of personnel was cut off at bottom of screen
* Incident Reporting – Fixed bug when starting NFIRS call from Quick call where Other info is lost
* Incident Reporting – Fixed bug when editing NFIRS call, the Entered By name was blank

* Inventory – Now sorting by date correctly
* Inventory – You can now double-click a row to edit the inventory item
* Inventory – Fixed a bug when moving item from apparatus back to Inventory where the quantity would increase by 2

* PrePlanning – Made it easier when selecting Street Type
* PrePlanning – Added setting to add Notes text automatically when starting a new pre plan

* SCBAs – Added an area where you can add SCBA files
* SCBAs – Added Voice Amp to Air Pack inspections
* SCBAs – Added Fill Date to air cylinder inspections

* Training – Added setting to pre-fill description when adding new training events
* Training – Added Groups to Certifications
* Training – Added new Certification report that displays expiration dates
* Training – You can now run the Yearly Summary report starting at any month
* Training – Added round to half hour for training pay rates
* Training – Combined LOSAP reports from Incident Reporting and Training
* Training – Training Events can now be entered as one course instead of entering several daily events

01-17-2015 Coming soon - PPE NFPA 1851 module!

The PPE Module is taking a little longer than expected, but it is coming along.

Newest Fire Station Users - Sept 2014

Jackson Twp. Hoytville, Hoytville OH
Harriman Fire & Rescue, Harriman, TN
Bethlehem Volunteer Fire Department, Wheeling, WV
Monett Fire Department, Monett, MO
Cunningham Fire Department, Cunningham, KY
Mt. Vernon Fire Department, Mt. Vernon, KY
Wing Gap Fire Company, Wing Gap PA
Ft. Barnwell Volunteer Fire Department, Dover, NC
Otisville Fire Company, Otisville, NY
McDowell County Rescue Squad & Ambulance Inc., Marion, NC
Wallace District Fire Department, Virden, MB CANADA
Stratton Volunteer Fire Department, Stratton, CO
City of Uvalde, Uvalde, TX
Beechy Fire Department, Beechy, SK CANADA
Arlington Rural Fire District, Arlington, NE
Minersville Fire-Rescue, Minersville, PA
Darlington Heights Volunteer Fire Department, Pamplin, VA
Ridgway Volunteer Fire Department, Ridgway, CO
Pascoag Fire District, Pascoag, RI
West Jefferson Fire and Rescue, Quinton, AL
Raynham McDonald Volunteer Fire Department, Rowland, NC
Bluefield Fire Department, Bluefield, WV
Bonneau Volunteer Fire Department, Bonneau, SC
Middletown Fire Protection District, Middleton, IL
Howe Fire Department, Howe, OK
District of Logan Lake, Logan Lake, BC CANADA
Patchin Volunteer Fire Department, Boston, NY
Spencer-Roane Volunteer Fire Department, Spencer, WV
Granville Engine & Hose Company #1, Granville, NY
Mullen Fire Department, Mullens, WV
Tallahassee Fire Department, Canyon City, CO
Maysville Fire Department, Maysville, KY
Joyner Volunteer Fire Department, Oliver Springs, TN
Millard Fire Department, Pikeville, KY
City of Hurley Fire Department, Hurley, WI
Lockards Creek Volunteer Fire Department, Manchester, KY

05-25-2014 Fire Station 3.4.3 Released

Version 3.4.3

* Fire Station – Added Hat Size to Uniform Sizes and Contact to Employer information
* Fire Station – Added Purchase Date to Personal Inventory report
* Fire Station – Added code to check if the database connection is open and if not, try to open it again to all modules

* Apparatus Checks – Added Apparatus Description to Completed Apparatus Check report
* Apparatus Checks – You can now enter a different date than today when entering an apparatus check

* Incident Reporting – Made LOSAP settings configurable
* Incident Reporting – Enhanced Most Calls at a Location report
* Incident Reporting – Added street name/address to Call History report
* Incident Reporting – Added link to Date label to make all dates the same as Alarm date
* Incident Reporting – Added Glucose to vital signs
* Incident Reporting – Added pay rates to Call Types to make Payroll report more flexible
* Incident Reporting – Added a way to enter non-emergency events such as meetings so that you don’t treat them like calls
* Incident Reporting – Added SCBA and bottles used to personnel on Quick Calls and SCBA Use Report
* Incident Reporting – You can now pick a single incident type for the Call History Report

* Subscriptions – Added Fiscal Period Start Date to settings

* Training – Added Training Overview report
* Training – Added pay rates to Training Types to make Payroll report more flexible
* Training – Added Training Type filter to Training Records By Date, Name or Subject report

Newest Fire Station Software Users - April 2014

LeRoy-Rose Lake Fire Department - LeRoy, MI
Worthington Fire Protection Territory - Worthington, IN
Fairfield Rural Fire Department - Fairfield, NE
Pimlico Fire Department - Moncks Corner, SC
Point Boro First Aid Squad - Point Pleasant, NJ
Holly Springs Volunteer Fire Department - Springville, AL
McLauin Volunteer Fire Department - Hattiesburg, MS
Mt. Hermon Fire & Rescue - Danville, VA
La Grande Rural Fire Protection District - Island City, OR
Tri-Community Volunteer Fire Department - Enterprise, AL
Crossfield Fire Department - Crossfield, AB
Ruby Mt. Croghan Volunteer Fire Department - Ruby, SC
Mora Volunteer Fire Department - Mora, NM
Randolph Fire Department - Randolph, ME
Hidalgo County Fire - Lordsburg, NM
Biscoe Fire Department - Biscoe, NC
East Mead Volunteer Fire Company #1 - Meadville, PA
Fort Calhoun Fire and Rescue - Fort Calhoun, NE
Canadaigua Veterans Affairs Fire Department - Canandaigua, NY
Delevan Volunteer Fire Department - Delevan, NY
Trion Fire Department - Trion, GA
Nauvoo Volunteer Fire Department - Nauvoo, AL
West Blount Volunteer Fire & Rescue Squad - Hayden, AL
Carova Beach Volunteer Fire and Rescue - Corolla, NC
Gilead Volunteer Fire Department - Gilead, ME
Laurens Volunteer Fire Department - Laurens, NY
Moundville Volunteer Fire Department - Moundville, AL
Point Pleasant Beach FC #2 - Point Pleasant Beach, NJ
Toombs County Fire & Rescue - Lyons, GA
St. Elizabeth Fire Protection District - St. Elizabeth, MO
Lanton Fire Department - West Plains, MO

4-11-2014 Fire Station 3.4.3 nearing release

We usually wait to announce a new version of Fire Station until it's ready, but this version is too exciting to wait.  Coming in the next version is a total rework of the payroll capabilities of Fire Station for incidents and training.  Previously, you could only enter a flat or hourly rate per firefighter for and payroll was calculated that way.  Now, you can specify a flat or hourly rate (that can round to the next quarter or whole hour) per incident type and training type!  This means you can assign one type of call $5.00 per hour and another type $10.00 flat.

Also in this release is an easier way to keep track of what we call non-emergency events.  Currently, you have to enter your meetings, parades, and other events like a call and have to fill in extra information about it.  Now all you do is specify the type and who was there and you're done.  Stay tuned!

12-24-2013 Fire Station Software mentioned in FireRescue1.com article

Fire Station got mentioned in this article at FireRescue1.com.  Check it out!


12-24-2013 Fire Station 3.4.2 Released

Version 3.4.2

* Fire Station – Added ability to flag a rank as an officer. 

* Apparatus Checks – Report problems in not just specific apparatus, but any piece of equipment 

* Incident Reporting – Added dates to all times (Alarm, En Route, Arrival, In Service) in Quick calls to ensure proper call duration during for reporting
* Incident Reporting – Added In Quarters date/time
* Incident Reporting – Added Mutual Aid metrics per call (# of departments, # of apparatus, and # of personnel)
* Incident Reporting – Added Mutual Aid report
* Incident Reporting – When a role is selected for a firefighter, it is displayed in the tree
* Incident Reporting – Officer in charge is now filtered to include only officers
* Incident Reporting – EMS patients are now easier to edit instead of deleting and adding a new patient
* Incident Reporting – Added call duration time and Primary Action to Call History report
* Incident Reporting – Added apparatus as filter criteria in reports

* Inventory – When moving items from inventory to apparatus or FF, added the option to not move from inventory

* PrePlanning – PrePlan description and Notes/Comments would run off the bottom of the page when printing, this has been fixed

Newest Fire Station Users - December 2013

Chestermere Fire Services - Chestermere, AB
North Florida Hose Testing - Marianna, FL
Center Township Volunteer Fire Department - Bloomfield, IN
Ozona - Volunteer Fire Department - Ozona, TX
Leasburg Volunteer Fire Department - Leasburg, NC
Rangeley Fire Rescue - Rangeley, ME
Gantt Area Fire & Rescue - Gantt, AL
Willow Springs Fire Department - Willow Springs, MO
Gleichen Fire Department - Gleichen, AB
Little York Volunteer Fire Department - Houston, TX
Providence Fire and Rescue - Providence, NC
Vidalia Fire Department - Vidalia, GA
Southside Fire Department - Batesville, AR
Hollywood Park Fire Deparment - Hollywood Park, TX
Prospect Hill Volunteer Fire Department - Prospect Hill, NC
Fort Hall Fire & EMS - Fort Hall, IN
Independence Volunteer Fire Department - Independence, MS
Springfield Volunteer Fire Department - Springfield, NE
Lake Moultrie Volunteer Fire Department - Bonneau, SC
Bluewater Village Fire & Rescue - Bluewater Village, NM
Meade County Fire Protection District - Brandenburg, KY
Glen Lake Fire Department - Glen Arbor, MI

12-1-2013 Fire Station 3.4.1 Released

Version 3.4.1

* Fire Station – Added spell check to Send Announcements
* Fire Station – Added Activity report for all firefighters
* Fire Station – Added caps lock warning message to login

* Incident Reporting – You can now edit all of the fields in NFIRS calls
* Incident Reporting – You can add more than one EMS patient to Quick Calls
* Incident Reporting – When starting NFIRS calls from Quick Calls, you have to option to automatically delete the Quick Call
* Incident Reporting – When starting NFIRS calls from Quick Calls, EMS patient and vehicle information transfer over
* Incident Reporting – Added DOB, Next Of Kin information to EMS patients in Quick Calls
* Incident Reporting – Added Incident Type report

* PrePlanning – You can now print more than one preplan at a time

9-9-2013 Fire Station 3.4 Released

Version 3.4

* Fire Station – Permission Groups – create permission sets and apply them to personnel
* Fire Station – Added the ability to search across all Personal Inventory
* Fire Station – All fields are printed for Personal Inventory on Personnel report

* Apparatus Checks – Added Apparatus Reports (Apparatus Inventory, Apparatus Hours)
* Apparatus Checks – Added “Amount” to new Maintenance record for keeping track of gallons, quarts, ounces, etc.
* Apparatus Checks – You can now search apparatus problems by problem and resolution 

* Fire Inspections – Added Email button to View Inspections
* Fire Inspections – Checkbox inspection questions can now have a “N/A” response
* Fire Inspections – You can now print a list of fire inspections done for a date or date range

* Hydrants – Hydrants can now be given a station designation
* Hydrants – Added separate problem field from comments in inspections

* Incident Reporting – Added EMS tab to quick calls to record patient information
* Incident Reporting – Added EMS and Utilities responded to Other tab on quick calls
* Incident Reporting – When starting NFIRS calls from Quick calls, officer in charge, apparatus, and personnel are copied over
* Incident Reporting – You can now add multiple personnel at a time to an apparatus in NFIRS calls
* Incident Reporting – Added time to calls in tree for Edit Entered Calls

* PrePlanning – City, State, and Zip default to department city, state, and zip when entering new locations

* SCBAs – Added “Check Cylinder” and “Check Hydro Date” to Air Pack inspections

* Training – Training events can now be given a station designation

Newest Fire Station Users - July 2013

Maple Rural Fire District - Muldrow, OK
Murry Spur Fire Department - Spiro, OK
Craig Volunteer Fire Department - Selma, AL
Scipio-Republic Fire Department - Republic, OH
Fairbury City Fire Department - Fairbury, NE
Rist Canyon Volunteer Fire Department - Bellevue, CO
West Corners Fire District - Endicott, NY
City of Dora Volunteer Fire Department - Dora, AL
Dry Valley Fire & Rescue - Montevallo, AL
Ashley Fire Protection District - Ashley, IL
Lincoln Township Fire Department - Reed City, MI
Mill City Rural Fire Protection District - Mill City, OR
Tri-Community Volunteer Fire Deparment - Madisonville, TN
Samburg-Reelfoot Volunteer Fire Department - Samburg, TN
Ruidoso Fire Department - Ruidoso, NM
Enoree Fire Department - Enoree, SC
Stapleton Volunteer Fire Department - Stapleton, AL
Sacremento Weed Volunteer Fire Department - Weed, NM
Fairfield Volunteer Fire Department - Fairfield, TX
Jasper Fire Department - Jasper, AL
Matoaka Volunteer Fire Department - Matoaka, WV
Appomattox Volunteer Fire Department - Appomattox, VA
Holden Fire Rescue - Holden, MO
Grand Valley & District Fire Department - Grand Valley, ON
Tilton Fire & Rescue - Tilton, IL
Flattop Mountain Volunteer Fire Department, TN
Rockwell Rural Fire Department - Rockwell, NC
South Edgecomb Rural Fire Department - Pine Tops, NC
Rangeley Fire Rescue - Rangeley, ME
Lone Rock Fire Department - Lone Rock, WI
Highland Volunteer Fire Department -  Highland, WI
Newcastle Fire Department - Newcastle, ME
Swan River Fire Department - Swan River, MB

7-2-2013 Fire Station 3.3 released

Fire Station 3.3 has changes that make it easier to manage a larger department with multiple stations.  Here are the changes.

* Fire Station – Added the ability to send attachments to Announcement emails
* Fire Station – Added the ability to delete immunization records
* Fire Station – You can now type your ID into the login screen without having to choose yourself from the list (great for larger departments)

* Hoses – Added Hose Type, Hose Construction Type, and Hose Coupling Type to hoses

* Hydrants – Added Make and Year to hydrants
* Hydrants – Added Isolation Valve to hydrant inspection
* Hydrants – GPM is now calculated automatically based on outlet size and pitot pressure
* Hydrants – Fixed bug in Reports where extra inspections appear in the report when an inspection date is selected

* Incident Reporting – You can now manage calls and run reports by Station
* Incident Reporting – Fixed calculate hours bug when InService time rolls over to next day
* Incident Reporting – Fixed calculate hours bug when no rounding is used for personnel
* Incident Reporting – Added apparatus spot to Call Check In sheet
* Incident Reporting – Fixed bug where incident photos were not printing with the incident report

* Inventory – Added Total column to Inventory grid

* Ladders – Added ‘Attic’ ladder type
* Ladders – Added Location, Manufacturer, Manufacture Date, Purchase Date, and Serial Number to ladders

* PrePlanning – Fixed bug where you could delete a Location Type if a location was assigned that type

* Subscriptions – Added reports, amount collected for a date range and percentage of current members

6-15-2013 Fire Station 3.2.1 released

Here is a list of some of the new features in version 3.2.1.  As always, we are open to your suggestions for future releases

* Fire Station - Added Driver's License expiration date to Personnel
* Fire Station - Added Cost and Purchase Date to Personal Inventory
* Fire Station - Fixed bug in Personal Inventory when saving* Fire Station – Made the rate a firefighter is paid either Hourly or Flat per call

* Hydrants - Added Address to fields describing the water source

* Incident Reporting - Added validation to Apparatus Arrival time to not be before Incident Arrival time
* Incident Reporting - Fixed bug when an apparatus had a non-numeric NFIRS apparatus type* Incident Reporting – Fixed bug when entering patients on EMS tab in NFIRS calls and Transferred time is not entered

* PrePlanning - Added location Address to PrePlan report header

*SCBAs - Added Manufacture Date and End of Service Date

5-1-2013 Fire Station 3.2 ready to ship!

Finally!  The largest and most comprehensive update to Fire Station is ready.  Here is the list of "What's New":

* Fire Station – MySQL database server backend support!
* Fire Station – You can now customize the background and menu colors
* Fire Station – A blank value is now available in Street Type in Settings, My FD
* Fire Station – You can now pick a global setting of how Personnel are ordered (Department ID, Last Name)
* Fire Station – Each FF can now edit their own Personnel information
* Fire Station – “IV” was added to the list of suffixes in Edit Personnel
* Fire Station – Added Driver’s License Number and FEMA Student ID to Edit Personnel
* Fire Station – Added FF Tag to Edit Personnel (try it!)
* Fire Station – Added the ability to print out Firefighter Notes
* Fire Station – Fixed some bugs in Daily Logs
* Fire Station – Fixed really annoying bug where Notifications would get deleted when saving Admin settings.

* Apparatus Checks – When adding new apparatus, Check Mileage and Check Fuel Level are checked by default
* Apparatus Checks – A bug has been fixed where a completed Apparatus Check wasn’t showing completed on the schedule         when the number of Groups and Apparatus was the same and the schedule was created with “Ensure each group checks a different apparatus” checked
* Apparatus Checks – Fixed bug where inventory description is lost when moving to apparatus
* Apparatus Checks – When submitting a new apparatus problem, the Assigned To is pre-populated with the Assigned To from Settings
* Apparatus Checks – When a new apparatus check is submitted by someone who isn’t in the group scheduled to check that apparatus, the check is marked as completed on the schedule anyway
* Apparatus Checks – You can now email Apparatus Pump Test results PDFs

* Fire Inspections – You can now automatically email a PDF of the Fire Inspection to the property owner when submitted

* Hoses – Fixed bug to prevent deleting a Hose Length or Color if a hose has that length or color assigned to it

* Incident Reporting – You can now specify a Hourly Rate for each FF and run a Payroll report for a date range
* Incident Reporting – Added “Box or Alarm” to Calls
* Incident Reporting – Added Gallons Used to Other tab
* Incident Reporting – You can now add invoice line items to invoices
* Incident Reporting - You can now submit an incident to Fire & Rescue Billing with one click
* Incident Reporting – Fixed bug when saving Vehicles to incidents with apostrophes in some fields

* Training – You can now specify Hours Paid for each event and run a Payroll report for a date range

Coming soon!  MySQL database support

Version 3.0 of Fire Station brought support for Microsoft SQL Server.  Unfortunately, SQL Server doesn't have the greatest security when it is open to the Internet.  So, we are working on MySQL database support in the next version of the program.  Look for it in the next few weeks.

New feature - Keep track of OSHA training hours and Driver/Operator hours

The Training module now keeps track of OSHA training hours for each of your training events.  Also, you can keep track of an individual's training hours for driving/operating an apparatus.  New reports pull OSHA and Driver/Operator hours that you have entered.

Newest Fire Station Users - Feb. 2013

Curry Volunteer Fire Rescue - Jasper, AL
East River Volunteer Fire Department - Princeton, WV
South Roane County Fire Department - Kingston, TN
Rolling Hills Lakes Volunteer Fire Department - Montgomery, AL
Big Horn Volunteer Fire Department - Big Horn, WY
City of Abbeville Fire Department - Abbeville, SC
Cypress County - Dunmore, Alberta  Canada
London Rural Volunteer Fire Department - London, AR
Spearman Volunteer Fire Department - Spearman, TX
City of Etowah Fire Department - Etowah, TN
Lonoke Fire Department - Lonoke, AR
Fonterra Whoareroa Emergency Response Team, Hawera, New Zealand
Chandler Volunteer Fire Department - Chandler, TX
La Luz Fire Department - La Luz, NM
Valley View Fire Department - Jonesboro, AR
Kelliher Fire Department - Kelliher, MN
Charleston Fire - Charleston, ME
Fair Oaks Volunteer Fire Department - Ambridge, PA
Sardis  Volunteer Fire Department - Sardis, AL
King Cove Fire & Rescue - King Cove, AK
Loretto Fire Department - Loretto, KY

Fire Station is now integrated with Covenant Solutions, Inc. for your billing needs

Fire Station Software, LLC is proud to announce that with version 3.1 of Fire Station, you can send your incident report directly to Covenant Solutions with one mouse click.

New feature - Now keep track of more than just hydrants

You can now track more than just Hydrants with the Hydrant module.  Keep track of all water sources like lakes, streams, cisterns, pools, etc. and print out a hydrant map or see them on your Pre Plans.

Newest Fire Station Software Users - Oct. 2012

Pasadena Fire Explorers - Pasadena, CA
101 Gamaliel Fire Protection District - Gamaliel, AR
South Camden Fire Department - Camden, NC
Evart Area Fire Department - Evart, MI
Wartburg Fire Department - Wartburg, TN
Sarcoxie Fire Department - Sarcoxie, MO
Oakvale Fire Department - Oakvale, MS
Bovina Center Fire & EMS - Bovina Center, NY
Healdton Volunteer Fire Department - Healdton, OK
Alamo West Fire Department - Alamagordo, NM
West of New Bern Volunteer Fire Department - New Bern, NC
Plantersville Volunteer Fire Department - Plantersville, AL
Standard Volunteer Fire Department - Standard, Alberta CANADA
Candor Volunteer Fire Department - Candor, NC
Albion Fire-Rescue - Albion, ME
Oro Vista Fire & Rescue - Alamagordo, NM

New feature - Invoicing

If you use a third party to create invoices for incidents you respond to, Fire Station can now create invoices for you.  You can specify if you bill by the hour or by flat rate and it even calculates local and state taxes for you automatically.

OSFA Fire School - May 2012

Had a great time in Oklahoma City and the OSFA Fire School there in Choctaw.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth!

Congrats to Irvington Fire & Rescue in Nebraska! - 5/2/2012

Congrats to Irvington Fire & Rescue in Nebraska for purchasing the Alert Text service. Now everyone will get a text message when they get a call! Pictured is Paramedic Greg Gilmore.

Fire Station Software gives away free gas! - 3/17/2012

Congratulations to Amber Elmore! She was one of the two winners of the $50 Exxon gas cards that we gave away at the Sissonville Fire School this past weekend.

Congrats to Oakland Fire & Rescue in Nebraska! - 2/18/2012

Congratulations to Oakland Fire in Nebraska for purchasing Fire Station.  We installed Fire Station last night and they are very excited to get started.  Pictured below are Asst. Chief Nick Seery and Safety Officer Dan Tanksley.

New Inventory module now available - 12/17/2011

  • Track items by code, serial number, size, location, and description
  • Easily move items from inventory to an apparatus or individual with one click (and back again)
  • Print inventory reports