Fire Station can be purchased "à la carte", meaning you only get the modules you need.  Personnel is a standard module that comes with every installation.  All of the other modules are optional.  Fire Inspections and Subscriptions require the PrePlanning module.

Modules can be easily added later.


  • Create your own list of ranks (Chief, Asst. Chief, Captain, Lieutenant, FF/EMT, etc.)
  • Manage department personnel (Contact info, Emergency contact, Photo)
  • Inactivate personnel and keep their history
  • Each FF has a login and password
  • Track immunizations
  • Track personal inventory issued to each department member
  • Enter daily logs including weather conditions and non-incident activities

Optional Modules

Apparatus Checks

  • Manage apparatus inventory with photos of apparatus, compartments, and items
  • Create rich text instructions specific to each apparatus
  • Create a schedule quickly and easily, and then email the schedule to all personnel with one click
  • Quickly and easily view/print an apparatus check list or enter an apparatus check
  • Track each group's performance with automatic weekly reports and schedule summaries
  • Track apparatus problems via emails sent automatically to designated personnel when checks are entered and automatic weekly reports

Expiration Date Tracking

  • Track any item with an expiration date such as drugs, batteries, COCs, CPR certifications, physicals, vehicle registrations, hose testing deadlines, narcotic licenses, bunker gear replacement deadlines, equipment maintenance/inspection deadlines, etc.
  • Specify the number of days notice for each individual item
  • Emails are sent automatically to designated personnel when an item nears expiration

Fire Extinguishers

  • Manage all of your fire extinguishers
  • Create your own custom inspections for each type of fire extinguisher
  • Record inspections, create reports

Fire Inspections

  • Design custom fire inspection forms
  • Enter fire inspections
  • Track fire inspection violations


  • Manage your hose inventory
  • Record all uses (GPM, length of time, situation, etc.)
  • Record inspections
  • Create reports
  • Export hose testing results to Excel


  • Manage all water sources (Hydrants, Cisterns, Pools, Ponds, Rivers, Lakes, Streams, etc.)
  • Record hydrant inspections
  • Create reports
  • Create hydrant/water source maps

Incident Reporting

  • Track calls by type (Fire, EMS, Special Duty)
  • Quickly and easily enter call information to track your department's call history
  • Create reports to track call attendance/response, call history graphs, man-hours (for workers' comp), and payroll.
  • NFIRS 5.0 reporting
  • Create invoices for flat or hourly rates per incident, by apparatus, or by personnel
  • Integrated with Covenant Solutions, Inc. for third party billing
  • Includes LOSAP and LB886 (Nebraska) support


  • Track items by code, serial number, size, location, and description
  • Easily move items from inventory to an apparatus or individual with one click
  • Print inventory reports


  • Manage Ladders in your department, record inspections
  • Create reports
  • Export inspection data to Excel

PPE (NFPA 1851)

  • Manage Coats, Footwear, Helmets, Hoods, Gloves, and Pants
  • Keep track of routine and advanced inspections per NFPA 1851
  • Create reports


  • Enter Pre Plans by address/location
  • Track construction, utility, contact information and even attach photos
  • Print or save PDF reports for easy reference when en route to the scene
  • Create reports to show where all your calls were on a map


  • Manage all of your ropes, harnesses, etc.
  • Setup rope inspections by type (rope, harness, 
  • Record all actions (in service, out of service, disposal, drying, decontamination)
  • Record all uses (shock loads, abrasions, abuse, weather, loads)
  • Record inspections by rope type
  • Create reports


  • Manage Air Cylinders, Air Packs, and Masks in your department
  • Record inspections, specify re-inspection date
  • Create reports

Subscriptions (Fire Dues & Donations)

  • Keep track of cash and check payments received
  • Exports subscriber information to use in mail merge
  • Automatically prints or emails receipts when payment is received
  • Run reports to see how much received for a date range


  • Create your own list of instructors, training types, and training subjects
  • Track certifications
  • Quickly and easily enter training events
  • Print training reports by FF name, date, or training subject (supports ISO)
  • Print payroll reports
  • Keep track of OSHA training hours
  • Keep track of Driver/Operator hours

Fire Station is easy to use

Check out some screenshots below to see what Fire Station can do for you.