Fire Station can be purchased "à la carte", meaning you only get the modules you need.  Personnel is a standard module that comes with every installation.  All of the other modules are optional.  Fire Inspections and Subscriptions require the PrePlanning module.

Modules can be easily added later.

Once you know what you want to start with


  • Create your own list of ranks (Chief, Asst. Chief, Captain, Lieutenant, FF/EMT, etc.)
  • Manage department personnel (Contact info, Emergency contact, Photo)
  • Inactivate personnel and keep their history
  • Each FF has a login and password
  • Track immunizations
  • Track personal inventory issued to each department member
  • Enter daily logs including weather conditions and non-incident activities

Optional Modules

Apparatus Checks

  • Manage apparatus inventory with photos of apparatus, compartments, and items
  • Create rich text instructions specific to each apparatus
  • Create a schedule quickly and easily, and then email the schedule to all personnel with one click
  • Quickly and easily view/print an apparatus check list or enter an apparatus check
  • Track each group's performance with automatic weekly reports and schedule summaries
  • Track apparatus problems via emails sent automatically to designated personnel when checks are entered and automatic weekly reports

Expiration Date Tracking

  • Track any item with an expiration date such as drugs, batteries, COCs, CPR certifications, physicals, vehicle registrations, hose testing deadlines, narcotic licenses, bunker gear replacement deadlines, equipment maintenance/inspection deadlines, etc.
  • Specify the number of days notice for each individual item
  • Emails are sent automatically to designated personnel when an item nears expiration

Fire Extinguishers

  • Manage all of your fire extinguishers
  • Create your own custom inspections for each type of fire extinguisher
  • Record inspections, create reports

Fire Inspections

  • Design custom fire inspection forms
  • Enter fire inspections
  • Track fire inspection violations
  • Pre-Planning module required


  • Manage your hose inventory
  • Record all uses (GPM, length of time, situation, etc.)
  • Record inspections
  • Create reports
  • Export hose testing results to Excel


  • Manage all water sources (Hydrants, Cisterns, Pools, Ponds, Rivers, Lakes, Streams, etc.)
  • Record hydrant inspections
  • Create reports
  • Create hydrant/water source maps

Incident Reporting

  • Track calls by type (Fire, EMS, Special Duty)
  • Quickly and easily enter call information to track your department's call history
  • Create reports to track call attendance/response, call history graphs, man-hours (for workers' comp), and payroll.
  • NFIRS 5.0 reporting
  • Create invoices for flat or hourly rates per incident, by apparatus, or by personnel
  • Integrated with Covenant Solutions, Inc. for third party billing
  • Includes LOSAP and LB886 (Nebraska) support


  • Track items by code, serial number, size, location, and description
  • Easily move items from inventory to an apparatus or individual with one click
  • Print inventory reports


  • Manage Ladders in your department, record inspections
  • Create reports
  • Export inspection data to Excel

PPE (NFPA 1851)

  • Manage Coats, Footwear, Helmets, Hoods, Gloves, and Pants
  • Keep track of routine and advanced inspections per NFPA 1851
  • Create reports


  • Enter Pre Plans by address/location
  • Track construction, utility, contact information and even attach photos
  • Print or save PDF reports for easy reference when en route to the scene
  • Create reports to show where all your calls were on a map


  • Manage all of your ropes, harnesses, etc.
  • Setup rope inspections by type (rope, harness,
  • Record all actions (in service, out of service, disposal, drying, decontamination)
  • Record all uses (shock loads, abrasions, abuse, weather, loads)
  • Record inspections by rope type
  • Create reports


  • Manage Air Cylinders, Air Packs, and Masks in your department
  • Record inspections, specify re-inspection date
  • Create reports

Subscriptions (Fire Dues & Donations)

  • Keep track of cash and check payments received
  • Exports subscriber information to use in mail merge
  • Automatically prints or emails receipts when payment is received
  • Run reports to see how much received for a date range
  • Pre-Planning module required


  • Create your own list of instructors, training types, and training subjects
  • Track certifications
  • Quickly and easily enter training events
  • Print training reports by FF name, date, or training subject (supports ISO)
  • Print payroll reports
  • Keep track of OSHA training hours
  • Keep track of Driver/Operator hours

Fire Station is easy to use

Check out some screenshots below to see what Fire Station can do for you.