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The latest version of Fire Station is

*** Last Updated 03-10-2019 ***


* Fire Station – Added Issued Date to Personal Inventory
* Fire Station – Added the ability to edit previously entered street names/addresses and cities to correct spelling and capitalization errors without editing the call
* Fire Station – Fixed a really stupid bug where the Ropes module menu header wouldn’t turn the color specified in Admin, Manage Settings, MyFD tab
* Fire Station - Added Common Files area under Personnel.  Add SOPs, GOGs, whatever files for everyone to view

* Incident Reporting – Fixed bug where member making report was not populating in NFIRS calls
* Incident Reporting – Fixed bug where you couldn’t start a NFIRS call from a Quick call if location wasn’t selected
* Incident Reporting – Added a search for “frequent fliers” on EMS tabs on NFIRS and Quik calls

* Training – Added New Driver, Recruit, and PrePlanning ISO training types to ISO Training Report


Download the latest version here:


Fire Station Version

How do I install the update?


Fire Station Update Installation Guide

Fire Station User Guide
* Last updated 03-10-2019


Fire Station User Guide

I am getting an error that a column is missing.  How can I fix this?
Go to Admin, About and click inside the box where your department name, expiration date, and licensed modules are listed.  Then, press F10 on your keyboard.  Click the buttons that appear at the top of the About box one time each going from left to right.  Click OK to close the About box.

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