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The latest version of Fire Station is 4.3.1

* Last updated 08-05-2017 (fixed bug when adding new SCBA)
* Last updated 08-08-02017 (fixed bug when editing Canadian incidents)
* Last updated 08-11-2017 (fixed bug when adding a new ladder)
* Last updated 08-14-2017 (fixed bug when displaying hydrants)
* Last updated 08-15-2017 (fixed bug where Ropes would not show in About)
* Last updated 08-28-2017 (fixed disappearing street name bug and bug saving settings on MySQL)
* Last updated 09-13-2017 (fixed bug when printing calls with attached files)
* Last updated 09-15-2017 (fixed bug when adding multiple personnel to an apparatus)
* Last updated 09-16-2017 (fixed bug where Fire, Structure Fire, and Wildland modules were not included in NFIRS 5.0 report in some cases
* Last updated 9-23-2017 (fixed bug when displaying address for NFIRS call at intersection)
* Last updated 10-3-2017 (fixed fire extinguisher search bug)
* Last updated 11-26-2017 (fixed instructions bug and mapping bugs)
* Last updated 12-09-2017 (fixed Subscription and Incident Reporting exposure bugs)
* Last Updated 01-17-2018 (fixed Personal Inventory add/delete bug)

Download the latest version here:


Fire Station Version 4.3.1

How do I install the update?


Fire Station Update Installation Guide

Fire Station User Guide
* Last updated 08-01-2017


Fire Station User Guide

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